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Slap Kings Apk Download (MOD, Unlimited Coins) Free For Android I play this game at least 2 Hours continually without any problems so guys today I am talking about Slap Kings Game and  solving these question answer


1. How to download Slap Kings Game?

2. How to Get unlimited Powers and Health in Slap Kings Game?

3. How to win all matches in Slap Kings Game?

4. How to got Slap Kings All skins Unlocked?

5. How to stop slap king vibration mode?

6. How to unlock all levels in slap kings game?


So, guys, these are the top question which I am picked and I am providing you all questions answer step by step


The first question is

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1. How to download Slap Kings Game?

Ans. If you know that we download any game from play store if those game owners have published these apps or game into google play store

This game is available in google play store if you want to download Slap Kings Official app from play store and enjoy all latest features which provided by games developer

If you download these games from another third party website or app which is not genuine then there is lots of possibilities that you can download these various in your smartphone

That’s why I am suggesting you download this game from google play store if you are an android user or if you are an Apple user then you can download this game from the app store.


2. How to Get unlimited Powers and Health in Slap Kings Game?

Ans. This question is asking me many times from my social account that sir please tell us how to get unlimited powers and unlimited health in slap king game?

This is real or not?

I think it’s not because if you are downloading any cracked version of this game then you are cheating or your device is not safe because when download cracked version then it has so many kinds of viruses or

It has some different kind of script which is adding in this game so these helping to those people which is hacker they are stolen your device info and your id’s which is you are using when your net connection is working


So that’s why I am not suggesting to you that you are using this kind of cracked version they are harming your devices or your info also so be careful

3. How to win all matches in Slap Kings Game?

Ans. Can you want to win all Slap Kings Game matches if yes then follow these steps which I am given you below


Step 1. First, measures your max power.

Step 2. Then You need to find a trick which is when you click on slap timing then you need to fix it

Step 3. After click timing fix you always slap higher than opponent

Step 4. So you always win all the matches.


If you follow these 4 steps seriously, you have any problem related to these 4 steps then comment us I am resolving your all problems.

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4. How to got Slap Kings All skins Unlocked?

Ans. So guys here is a trick for you if you follow these tricks because I see many people they are not want to play these game because they took so much time and timing is a matter for anybody

What is a trick?

The trick is you can use an auto clicker app which is already available into play store where you easily download this app

After downloading this app how to use this app in your slap kings game this app is auto clicker you set their timing only 1 sec/ 1 click every 1 sec completed they click on the mobile screen

And when you go for sleeping put your mobile in charging and open your slap kings game and set there auto clicker apps and recorded this screen video and you can see in the morning you gave completed all the level if you downloading official from google play store

And when you are using this strategy please not using multiple things like your hotspot is on and you have on your internet connection this kind of thing off and then using this strategy for unlocking all skins.


5. How to stop slap king vibration mode?

Ans. You all know if you are playing this game that when you slap on opponent partner your mobile is vibrating so how to stop this vibration mode in slap kings game,

Let’s know

First of all, you click on setting button and then you see two option one for sound and another one for vibration

If you want that your vibration, as well as your sound, is off then you click on both and if you think that only vibration is off then you click on the vibration button only and your vibration is off.


6. How to unlock all levels in slap kings game?

Ans. The most important question for slap kings game player that is how to unlock all levels in slap kings game,

If you are reading my question number 4 and its answer where I am telling you a trick where you can get unlimited skins if you don’t read this then go and read this trick

And where I am also telling you how to using this trick if you follow this your all levels unlocked without doing anythings and your all levels unlocked

If you don’t read this answer then go up and read my question answer of skins unlocked trick you better understand.



In this article, you got your main question answer which is related to slap kings game apps like how to download slap kings game app, how to unlocked all levels, how to got unlimited skins, how to increase our power or health

So this kind of question-answer is giving in this post hope you are got your answer if you have another problem then comment below I trying to resolve your problems.