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Idle Firefighter Tycoon MOD free on android In this article I am going to share with you the latest and greatest, Full Apk  So we providing genuine. Idle Firefighter Tycoon Apk which really working for android and people feel happy with us and easy to unlocked.


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If you are looking for a free idle game then try Idle Firefighter Tycoon Game. It is another free idle game that was made by Andrew Plotkin. You can also find many other websites that offer this as a download.

Graphics and Visual Quality

With the help of this android app you get to save the world from an impending attack by the evil Dr. Darkkan which is the leader of the underground Firefighters. The story is simple and it is set in modern day New York City. The main hero of this game is named Mike, an out of work freelance fireman, who finds a way to repair his broken down car. When he finds the lost woman in the streets of Manhattan, he promises to help her but upon arrival with his car gets crashed into a fire station.


Now the only person who can help Mike is his friend Artemus who happens to be a member of the elite Rescue Company. The story revolves around the struggle between the good guys (Rescue Company) and the bad guys (Dr. Darkkan) You get to play as either one of these characters.


Like any other game you need to install this app on your device and then you can start playing it. It is a very simple game, so there is no need to worry about any complicated controls or interfaces. In fact the interface is so simple that you will not even realise that you are using an app, it is very clear and easy to use.

The story of the game is based on a traditional fairytale with some twists here and there. It all begins with Mike getting stuck in an exploding vehicle. Now, instead of looking for rescue he has to find ways to repair his vehicle. You can repair your vehicle by yourself or by letting Artemus choose the option for you. This will also help you in advancing through the stages faster.

Effects & Sounds

The game is very challenging, as it requires quick thinking and smart moves. You will definitely need more than a little bit of patience if you are to beat the competition. Another feature that makes this game different from the rest is that you have the option to save the game at any point of time. There are certain areas in the game that you do not need to complete in order to unlock new areas for you to continue the adventure. These features make the game more exciting.


If you are fond of tower defense games then you should definitely try out Idle Firemaker Tyrant Game. The game is very similar to the Tower Defense series. You have to prevent the enemy from reaching your base. You also have to make use of the available resources to defend your base. These features of the games have been given a few upgrades for this version.

The developers of the game have spent considerable time to improve upon the graphics as well as interface. The user interface has been made very easy to use. The sound effects are also very good. I think you will really enjoy playing this game once you have sunk in its exciting details.


There are many Tower Defense games online but none of them have come close to being as addicting and interesting as this one. There are many similarities between this game and other Tower Defense games. However, it still does something extra to set it apart. This game also gives you the option of choosing between two different maps which can be played in co-op mode. There are many co-op mode games online that you can choose from.

Experience After gameplay

If you are one of those who are fond of making use of strategy to win the game, then you will love playing Idle Firemaker Tyrant Game. The game has many different options to choose from. You have to select the options that suit your playing style.


I am pretty sure that you will enjoy playing this game. There are few similar games out there that offer more content than this one. However, the price tag does not really bother me. All in all, I think that this is a fine game to invest your time in. The price is reasonable and you are given all the game that you would expect from a quality PC game.


MOD Pro Games


While the basic concept of the idle fireman game is the same, it has been improved with more features and added options to make the game more fun and exciting for players. The basic concept has been around for a long time, but the latest version of the game adds a new chapter to the story. You can experience fully unlocked idle fireman game play in the “Idle Firefighter Tycoon”. If you enjoy playing the idle games, then you should consider trying out the latest one.


In the latest version of the game, you will be able to choose between the two different fire trucks available for purchase in the game. The basic features of this game include the ability to purchase or construct any building you want and purchase fuel at the station. When fuel runs out, you can use the fire trucks to travel across town to refuel. You also get to purchase or build different structures, like police stations, fire houses, hospitals, schools and many more.

Fully unlocked

Each level of the game includes a new set of challenges. For example, the third level of the game has new challenges. For example, you will need to travel through a busy airport with three fire trucks, an ambulance and a police car. You will also need to manage different clients and the budget of the fire station. When the level is finished, you will be given the chance to buy or construct different buildings.


The most recent version of the game offers more than 20 different levels of game play including the challenging rescue mission. The game has been made highly interactive due to the use of flash technology. You will also be able to buy or build different fire stations, police stations, schools, clinics and hospitals in the game. You can download idlestress firefighter tycoon in different formats including iPhone, iPad, PSP and Windows Mobile.


The first part of the game allows you to select different tools and equipment before you can use them. You also have an opportunity to save the chosen fire station and its assets as well. If you are not too fond of using the wrench or pliers, then you can always use the mouse to operate your tools. The game offers the facility to adjust the camera angle so that it would be easier for players to view the objects they are working on. The iphone version of the idle firefighter tycoon has a very realistic interface that allows players to pause the action when necessary.


The second part of the game has the introduction sequence, where you will have to select your character. You can then move up to the third level and start playing the idle firefighters experience. The graphics in this part of the simulation game look amazingly realistic. They are made up of 3D graphics and you can see the smoke visible through your iPhone’s screen. Apart from this, you will also be able to witness the action through the video cut-scenes. The third and last chapter of the game takes place inside a fire station and the characters take turns fighting with each other by choosing the equipment available.


You can purchase a player ID and password after you have cleared the third chapter. When you have entered the ID and password, you will then be able to join the rest of the players who are participating in the simulation game. This id and password system is one of the best features available in the free trial version of the game and is very easy to use. You can create a unique id and password whenever you want to play the game without having to worry about others getting it. You can also update your profile information such as name and avatar to help you stand out from the crowd.


You can also find out more about the plot of the game through the in-game news. The developers of the game will let you know when there is a new chapter, update the game guide and listen to your suggestions. The story behind the fireman advert is based on the book ‘The Fireman’ by firefighter Louis L’Amour. This is why you can be sure that the game will not only be exciting but also end up giving you several hours of entertainment.

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