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Hooked Inc Fisher Tycoon Apk Download (MOD, Unlimited Money) Free For Android In this article I am going to share with you the latest and greatest, Full Apk  So we providing genuine. Hooked Inc Fisher Tycoon Apk which really working for android and people feel happy with us and easy to unlocked.


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Hooked Inc Fisherman is one of the most popular games available on Facebook. You can buy the game through PayPal or check out the link below for more details. You can also read my review on Hooked Inc Fisherman. If you like fishing then this game is definitely for you. I started playing it the very first day it came out and I have never looked back. The graphics and visual quality are very nice and I really enjoy playing the game.

Graphics and Visual Quality

Hooked Inc Fisherman is a Facebook game which requires multiple feeds to keep track of your crews, luring different species of epic fish to bite your hook. To do this, you have to build up your crews by recruiting good fishermen and giving them tasks that revolve around the theme of fishing. Once they start to catch fish, you get to unlock more advanced tools for them to use. You will need to spend some time researching on the various tasks and the effects they will have on the fishing experience.


The main goal of the game is to tap different species of fish and teach them to attack using the various tools available to you. There are several main factors that will affect how fast your crews catch the epic fish and these include things like weather, wind, moon phases and of course water levels. The best thing to do is turn off the seasonal features so that you do not waste your time on trying to get the feature working when it does not work. This will ensure that you get more out of the fishing experience without having to deal with any glitches.


When it comes to actually fishing though, the action is all about the tapping. If you want to train your crews to catch a larger number of fish faster you must increase the level of activity in your main screen. The green gems are a great way to accomplish this and with a relatively low investment they can easily pay for themselves. As your crews get bigger, the amount of green gems that you need to feed them also increases. Training your crews to tap more greens instead of focusing on the number of fish that they can catch means that you can keep your overall score quite high.

Effects & Sounds

You should also pay close attention to the moon phase and weather patterns in this game. One of the best things to help with this aspect of the game is to create a scenario where the weather is cloudy and then try to organize your crews under it to maximize your chance of catching some fish. The blue gems are useless here because fish cannot attack while covered by a cloud. As long as the weather is cloudy though fishing will be quite successful. If you really want to make this part of the game worthwhile, you should make sure you have a piece of property nearby or a boat so that you can always have fishing vacations.


The hook is one of the best weapons in the game and with quite a few upgrades, it can even be considered the core weapon. It is important to use the hook correctly though so that you do not waste your time. The best thing to do is to tap when there are several bait options available on the bottom and use this bait effectively to lure in a number of epic fish. Once you have a steady flow of bait going on your line, it is important to constantly tap the bottom and let your crews take care of the bait so that you can earn more money.


A very helpful video ad appears right before the “Buy Now” button and it shows exactly how to build up your crews and earn plenty of cash. This video ad also has some good tips for making the most of your time while you fish. The first tip involves the importance of having the proper equipment so that you do not have to constantly re-buy since you already have all of the supplies. Another important tip shows that the more fish you can catch the more money you will make since the fish value has a large effect on your income. Finally, it shows the importance of using the right bait for the right climate in order to maximize your profits.

Experience After gameplay

In addition to earning coins by hooking up with other crews you also earn gems that can be sold for extra cash. The green gems are used for upgrading your gear. These gems are easy to obtain but the blue gems are more difficult to find. The video ad includes a list of the different types of gem that you need to know about. It also includes the fishing lure that you should use.


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The Hooked Inc Fisherman is an incredibly addicting fishing game. It’s so good that after I beat the game, I started thinking about getting the premium version just so I could try it out. It’s one of those games that will get you hooked and keep you hooked till you forget all about the rest of the world! I’m not the only one that thinks this way, though. Hooked Inc Fisherman is a very popular game and is continually being updated with new features and exciting content.


If you have played the original version of the game, then you know that you go into the main game over a hundred meters under water. I never liked that. While you are under the water, it seems like the world is crumbling around you are hundreds or even thousands of meters under. That’s when you start to worry and begin collecting supplies. But, as in the real world, you are helpless against a large number of sharks that want to attack you.

Fully unlocked

As you progress through the game, you find more crew members and new hook sizes. New hook sizes include the Grubler, which are able to grab bigger fish, the Stinger, which is faster but doesn’t grab as much, the Little Bats, which are cheaper and easier to repair, and the Big Mooks, which can withstand more damage than your other crews. There are also new hook colors, each one having their own special ability. You can also unlock a couple of new crews, the Scuba Diver and the Beach Bunny, by tapping certain icons on the main screen.


Hooked Inc Fisherman provides many exciting challenges for players. Each one of the six crews has several advantages and disadvantages, as well as a limited number of hook color. When you tap a crew, there will be an explanation of how to use that particular crew to get the most fishing experience per dollar spent. Also, a green gem appears on the bottom of the screen, which when tapped will give you extra points, and a red gem appears if you tap it while it’s on the bottom of the screen.


The main part of the game is to build your crew. You can purchase blue and green gems from the gem store and use them to buy the necessary hook size, lures, and tackle. Build your crew, and then take them out for a good fishing experience. Once you have built the right number of crews, go to the main menu and tap the fishing icon to begin.


The fishing experience that your crew gains is determined by the type of bait they use, the color of the water that they fish in, and the type of hook that they use. By using the right types of bait, and hooking the right way, you can earn epic fish. There are two ways to play the game: Story mode, and Endless mode. In the story mode, you will play the same way that the original game played. However, to earn epic fish in this mode you must make sure you build enough crews. This is because you start off with just two crews, and you must fish all the water in the game to gain experience.


If you like playing the classic game as well as the series, Hooked Inc Fisher Tycoon offers both versions of the game. While playing in the story mode, you can continue where you left off, earning epic fish and using the strategies that made you effective in the single-player game. The multiplayer version of the game allows you to select either the Story or Endless Mode. You can now battle against other players in the Story mode or tap against the computer in Endless mode to try and beat all of the other players.


Hooked Inc Fisher Tycoon has a lot of great features. Some of them include: building crews which increase your chances of getting more crew members, and you can also purchase new fishing lures and tackle to further increase your chance of success. The game also features a video ad, a tutorial video ad, and a number of tips and hints for you to master the various aspects of the game as quickly as possible. There is even a podcast included, where you can hear voiceovers from each of the characters in the game, explaining things in detail about what they are doing. This makes fishing in this game more fun to play and helps you understand how they are planning on conquering the fish value world.

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