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Clone Armies MOD free on android In this article I am going to share with you the latest and greatest, Full Apk  So we providing genuine Clone Armies Apk which really working for android and people feel happy with us and easy to unlocked.


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Clone Armies Game is an exciting first person military simulation video game where the player takes the role of an imaginary military. The player’s goal is to destroy the target as many times as humanly possible and complete the given mission. The game is regarded as a multi-faceted mixture of real life military tactics mixed with some fun twists. The player must utilize both his own knowledge of the game and the in-game information resources (cards, codex, etc.) to successfully carry out his mission.

Graphics and Visual Quality

One interesting aspect of this highly-anticipated simulation game is the option to play in 1v1 multiplayer modes. Players can choose either to compete against an opponent in a head-to-head competition or to go head-to-head with a group of other players in the “Clan Arena” mode. Players need to defeat all the AI opposition in order to win the game. In addition, in this feature, one can engage in tank-less battle against waves of enemy soldiers supported by powerful gun batteries. Each level of the game comes with its own assortment of challenges.


Another exciting part of the Clone Armies Game involves shooting action. This is possible when the player synchronizes their actions with the computer in the video game. The action is highly detailed and authentic, as is the entire environment depicted in the game. This includes large cities, populated villages, desert landscapes, forest areas, jungles, mountains, and other natural landmarks.


In-depth analysis and feedback systems allow the player to customize his/her army with various options such as choosing between a specific nationality, selecting from a variety of military and non-military forces, as well as establishing a specific budget for the operation. Furthermore, players can adjust the speed of their main unit to get the most firing opportunities and eliminate enemies faster. Moreover, the game includes both multiplayer and single player game modes. For example, in the single player mode, the player controls only a single soldier or a handful of soldiers, while in Multiplayer mode, one can control an entire army of soldiers, tanks, and helicopters.

Effects & Sounds

Clone Army allows the player to select from a wide selection of available soldiers and military units. These include members of the regular army, special forces, the Marines, navy, and the air force. Moreover, these include different ranks and awards for the various branches of the armed forces. Moreover, one can opt to recruit only specific types of soldiers into his/her army such as those with special skills such as archers, spies, bomb disposal experts, and military engineers. One can also choose to recruit only from a certain gender including female soldiers who can prove themselves as highly efficient and deadly in battle.


The real-time tactics involved in Clone Army Game makes it more exciting than other RTS games available on the market. However, this is also one of the few games that can support multiple players at the same time. This means that one can have an army of his/her own and can be playing with other players simultaneously. Furthermore, one can also recruit new soldiers into his/her army any time during the game.


Clone Army features a wide array of game modes which are split into two main categories namely the campaign mode and the battle mode. In the campaign mode, one can engage in single and multiplayer fights against waves of waves and other players. There are also several badges that one can acquire along the way which will help them in upgrading their forces. Likewise, there are numerous weapons available in the game and players can choose from one of them.

Experience After gameplay

One of the best features of Clone Army Game is that all the upgrades and weapons have high damage outputs so that it will be very difficult for the opposing player to kill them. Moreover, there are also several medals which can be collected by the players. These medals are earned based on one’s performance in the battles and they will help them climb up the ladder of success. clone army games are one of the best-loved RTS games that are available for free online and anyone who wishes to play can download them from websites offering free gaming sites. Also, those who love strategy games can join some game servers that are available online for free and play in co-op missions with other gamers.


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Clone Armies Game is a fascinating military simulation game that mixes careful planning and precise shooting action in a fast-paced game. Hurray! Seems like a new app such as clone armies is now available for Windows Phone! Just browse the link below for the steps on how to download Clone Armies Game pro app and enjoy the game on your phone now:


Just browse for one of two links below. It’s a very easy procedure to follow. It only requires a few minutes of your time. Either way, you can download these two new clones now. Just make sure you read the terms and conditions for each app. Now, if you need help in the game, all you have to do is to go back to the start and repeat the instructions.

Fully unlocked

Both options of these two games provide the same exciting game play, and they’re both available in three versions. The first one is the premium version of Clone Army, which provides the most basic level of customization. You have to select from different army costumes, choose different weaponry, and customize your base and build up your own army. You have a limited number of soldiers, but you’ll be able to command more quickly. To win, you just have to eliminate all your opponents within a certain timeframe. The other version lets you choose from different units and lets you battle it out on an open field.


As a rule of thumb, it’s best if you don’t build more than five soldiers at a time. Since you’ll be using some of them to fight against the waves of the enemy, you might face many difficulties in finishing them off. If you have a lot of them though, you can easily kill off waves of clones with precision. The second option of the two download Clone Armies games lets you take control of a single tank and maneuver it through the battlefield to kill waves of the enemy while you upgrade it and make it stronger.


In the design and build and upgrade your army of clones with many almost 30 different military troops, ranging from minimum wielding soldier to jetpack, tank, Jeep, helicopter, rocket launcher and more. If you have built an efficient tank, you can use it to storm enemy forces and destroy their buildings. Meanwhile, using jets or helicopters you can attack airborne troops, including the enemy’s tanks and transports. On the other hand, using tanks, jeeps, and jetpacks you can fight on foot close to the enemy base or in large open spaces.


To save the Earth, you have to build your own base to fight against the enemy. This 2-D real-time strategy game has an easy-to-learn interface and a fast game play that are exciting to play. When you download Clone Armies Game, you will get access to different military tactics, weapons, and the use of vehicles. When you’re in the game, you can perform different actions like upgrading your units, creating new weapons, customizing your base, and much more. The only thing that you need to do right now is to create your own army and conquer the world.


For those of you who do not know, Clone Army is a special sandbox mode in which you can create unlimited clones of yourself, and can be compared with the real life army. If you are looking for a new and exciting gaming experience, then this is not your everyday army game with simple soldiers shooting at each other. In the game, you are able to build your own base and customize it with different types of military equipment. If you don’t want to use this feature, please stay away from it, because in the Clone Armies Game, there are some things that you won’t be able to enjoy.


This game is provided by the developer, who has included many features in this version such as advanced networking system, multiple game options, map editor, and the ability to connect to a multiplayer server. This game is supported on Windows, iPod Touch, iPad, Blackberry and Mobile TV. This game is provided by Playfish, the company that developed the award winning Root Channel Game. If you would like to learn more about Clone Army and other fun games, please visit their official website at:

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